Updating pc angel partition

Alternatively, try to contact their developer if you can’t find any way to update them.Do a factory reset Updates sometimes don’t go as planned due to many reasons.

An app that’s designed to work on a particular Android OS version will not necessarily work well when a new OS version comes around.

Next, Check to make sure the the Acer Disk-to-Disk recovery is enabled.

Once you have made sure the Disk-to-Disk recovery is enabled in Main, save the changes and exxit the BIOS setup. To begin recovery using the recovery partition, press Alt F10 at the same time as soon as you see the ACER logo appear during boot.

Thank you so much for your time and reading my inquiry. Among the many problems to have resulted from installing Android 5.1.1 includes the following: Clear the cache partition While we can speculate on the possible causes of your problem, we think that giving you the potential solutions right away is a lot better.

The first of the solutions that you can try is deleting the cache partition.

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