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Speed Updating is a program run each year to capture and present the R, D&E activities of the apple and pear industry.

This year APAL are running Speed Updating as part of the Fruit Growers Tasmania Conference which will be held at the Tailrace Centre Riverside in Launceston on Thursday .

Each prototype has improved on prior performance and incorporated increasing complexity.

They now have a machine that can go into an orchard, will recognise the apple to be picked, and then picks the apple without damaging the tree or the fruit.

Ultimately what Abundant are seeking to do is to provide growers with a product that significantly lowers costs compared with a picking crew with a quality they are happy with.

To find out more you can meet Dan at APAL’s Speed Updating in Launceston on .

Unfortunately it was Cent OS and not Debian (which I’m more proficient with), so I asked them if they could put Debian on it.Abundant Robotics where he leads a group of robotic hardware and software engineers who have successfully developed a robotic apple harvester for use in commercial apple orchards.Most of Dan’s team came from the Robotics Division of SRI International, a research lab in California, where they began researching automated apple picking in 2013.The net server has been fully restored after we had to witness a fatal hard drive crash on 2015-11-29.Our server sponsor e UKhost quickly provided us with a new machine after we told them the old had failed, and the last two weeks were spent setting it up to provide the same functionality as before: The number of active people in the PEAR group has shrunken to about 1.5, with Christian Weiske doing most of the work.

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