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Code to use a query cache follows:public List get Street Types(final Country country) throws Hibernate Exception The Cacheable(true) line caches the query. Street Types") line sets the name of the Query Cache.Alex Miller has a good article on the query cache here.Next we want to enable Terracotta clustering for the cache named sample Terracotta Cache. We are evaluating the use of EHCache in our project. If I put a 500,000 entries into a Hash Map, the memory consumed is about 114MB. 程序中配置ehcache Differences Between Distributed Cache and Standalone or Replicated Cache Cache Managers can be configured programmatically with a fluent API.The example below creates a Cache Manager with a Terracotta configuration specified in an URL, and creates a default Cache and a cache named "example".A low hit-to-miss ratio, for example, means that the cache is not that good.

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I recently had to sit down and figure out exactly how it works, and thought I’d take a moment to write it up. Because open source development is more about individuals than organisations, Wotif staff members don’t really have much to do with ehcache development. You can monitor cache hits and misses in detail by turning the logging for the up.For url configuration options, refer to "Adding an URL Attribute" in Terracotta Clustering Configuration Elements.Note: You must have a Terracotta 3.1.1 or higher server running locally for this example.This will help insure that you receive any relevant communications from the University of Washington and the UW Alumni Association. if you use Java Serialization) What it does for you is reduce the amount retained, something you can only see after Full GC (e.g.

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