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These issues affect Subversion 'svnserve' servers only.

** Please take a note that as of now the JDT Ignore feature is deprecated and will be removed from the Subversive project update sites.For more information, please refer to the Installation Instructions.This is the stable Subversive plug-in release that is a part of Eclipse Neon Simultaneous Release.The Subversive plug-in is included into Neon Update Site, so you can install Subversive directly from Eclipse Neon. I20160902-1700 (Release notes) Update Site: The Subversive plug-in is an integral part of the Eclipse Neon update site.To install Subversive, select the Neon update site in Eclipse Update Manager, then select the Subversive features under the Collaboration section of the update site (check the installation instructions). I20160902-1700This is the most up-to-date version of the Subversive plug-in.

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