Updating to 10 5 6

OSX claims to defrag automatically but only files under a certain size so it is important to really defrag the drive properly. It isn't like going from XP to 7 Thanks Bad Orange. I am currently downloading Super Duper to Backup...Do you think just backing up the Main "Mac HD" is sufficient and if I can back it up in one of the other drives would work for now? Thanks i was too scared to do a full overwrite of 10.5.8 so i created a new partition on my HD1.i couldn't create the partition in disk utility because of too much fragmentation so then i had to get a 3rd party app to degfrag. Also, in regards to the Data not being on the main drive, yes I have all Appliations on the Main HD.

updating to 10 5 6-24

To 100% protect your precious data from losing unfortunately during the upgrade, you should backup Android to PC. With backups in hand, you can now start to upgrade Android Lollipop to 6.0 Marshmallow without worrying about data loss.If this is some sort of rare fluke only I have, I'll just do a clean install. But if other people are reporting this problem I can help debug it. Boot your phone into fastboot by holding down the volume up, volume down, and power button when turning your device on; Step 6.Open up a command terminal on your computer and execute "flash-all.bat" to install the necessary files and OS onto your phone; Step 7.

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