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For many people, this is an unexpectedly long delay and it would be common place to assume the process has stalled or hung. Once the console has loaded, there should be an option under the Tasks tab for Set as Array Manager as shown below: If you are using a workgroup deployment (as per our example environment) you will see the following prompt: In order to designate this server as the new array manager, you will need to have created an SSL server certificate that can be used for workgroup authentication.In our case, the certificate will need a common name of TMG04com as discussed in previous workgroup articles.var microsoft = microsoft

Unlike the existing model, there is now the concept of an Array Manager server and other array members are termed Array Managed servers.

process will begin: If you receive an error that the ISASTGCTRL service cannot be started, it may be necessary to reconfigure this service to use a startup type of Automatic as opposed to the default startup type of Disabled.

Once completed, you should now see the the console connected to the local Forefront TMG configuration storage server which contains all previous configuration and settings; TMG04 is now the new array manager: A quick look around the console should confirm that TMG04 is now the array manager and the Forefront TMG configuration is synchronised: If you have an array with more than two array members, it will now be necessary to configure remaining array members to use the new array manager with the Change Array Manager option available on the Tasks tab of the Forefront TMG Management console.

Today, Microsoft announced the end of life for the Forefront UAG 2010 product.

Microsoft will continue to provide mainstream support for UAG until April 14, 2015, and extended support until April 14, 2020.

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