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The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the higher powered graphics cards are wide enough that they take up the space of two slots.

If you’ve already got another type of card plugged in next to the slot you’ll use for your graphics card, you’ll need to take that space limitation into account.

What would be the best video card I would get still using the 300 watt power supply?

Currently I have a n Vidia Geoforce 7300LE, with a 300 W power supply. Doesn't effect power usage hardly any, but good to check, anyways.

This standardized slot gives high-speed access to your PC’s processor and RAM, and its position on the board allows easy access to the rear of the case, letting you plug one or more monitors directly into the card itself.

RELATED: Almost all modern graphics cards require a PCI-E x16 slot, and almost all motherboards that feature any full-sized PCI-E slots at all will have one.

Duo 2 Core chip, with n Vidia 7300LE card, and 2 GB ram, 300 watt power supply.

I wonder if I could replace the video card with the following: n Vidia 7800 or 7900 series.thxthose cards are pushing the limits of the power supply. The 7600GT is a great deal right now and the 8600GT isn't a bad card, either.

: Even though AMD makes both CPUs and graphics cards, you can use graphics cards based on either of the major chipsets on whatever CPU you’re running.

There are two primary issues here: card width and card length.

A lot of the higher powered graphics cards are wide enough that they take up the space of two slots.

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