Ups ground tracking not updating

I contacted UPS and got involved in a lengthy discussion with a company rep about what UPS does or does not do in the case of a mixed-up delivery.

The rep says Benjamin’s assertion is incorrect and that UPS does notify the customer (i.e., the party that pays) when it knows of a possible error.

Every day, the site kept updating the expected delivery date from May 22 to May 23, 24.

Trusting, perhaps naively in UPS’ own website to provide him with accurate information.

805 Miami , FL 33122 The most common cause of no tracking records is incorrectly typed tracking number.

It is advised to check with the sender if you are not sure what the number is.

Thus, UPS’ contract is with the retailer and not Benjamin.

“It is UPS policy to just pretend like nothing is wrong when it knowingly loses a package and hope the problem goes away unless they get called out on it,” writes Benjamin.

It is advised to check with local office for accurate results, because the hours of delivery vary by product and location. Tracking Go is a third-party tracking service provider.After all, if companies that are nowhere near as big — or as experienced in logistics as UPS — can figure out automated ways to track and look for anomalies in their shipments, surely UPS itself can do the same? In the end, Benjamin’s package was located — according to the UPS website the label had been damaged or gone missing — and ultimately delivered several weeks after the original date.“I am not at all upset that the package was lost, as I understand that these things happen when you deal with millions of packages,” he tells Consumerist.But after a few days of no deliveries, he contacted the shipping company to see what’s going on.Benjamin’s attempts to get UPS to look into the problem were somewhat fruitless, as — even though he’d paid the retailer a hefty shipping charge — it was the retailer who paid that money on to UPS.

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