Usps priority mail status not updating Cucks

When I search for the tracking number I get this text: “Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier” I’ve emailed the customer 3 times apologizing for the delay and asking if they received the item: 4/1, 4/4, 4/11. I opened a case with the USPS on 4/11 but still haven’t heard back. Order details in my seller account say delivery is anticipated between 4/1 and 4/18.

In the event the USPS can’t help me, should I get confirmation from the customer that they never received the item, or do I refund and eat the loss?

If so the USPS is not going to be able to help you. For the USPS to help with a claim, tracking or insurance, there needs to be an acceptance scan showing the USPS took possession of the package.

At this point, there is no proof the USPS took possession. Although rare, I have received packages myself where tracking never updated – showing exactly what your tracking shows.

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Clerks are trained to check the bags, bins and so forth to be sure they are empty. Sometimes it becomes very frustrating when you have an important package coming up and you cannot see any updates on track.USPS allot a unique number called “USPS Tracking Number” to each & every mail item which is shipped through USPS. USPS Tracking works absolutely fine most of the times and shows the current status of the package, but sometimes people find that their “USPS delivery status is not updated.” Now there could be many reasons for this. Read the next section what could be the possible reason for that along with a solution.Useful links: USPS Tracking is a way to ensure that your important package reaches their final destination.I had one mortgage closer who regularly dropped our packages in another service’s box and seriously reamed me every time it disappeared.We were lucky in that the other service called us to come get them.

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