Validating data in php form

This is because client side validation can be manipulated (or simply turned off).

Of course, we have add our styling so our field will look like our screenshots above. Again, the styles are real basic and you probably want to do better in your own forms. We’ve combined best of both worlds: server side and client side validation in one solution (thanks to Ajax). If a field validation rule has to change – we only need to change it in one place: the server code.This object contains the field names and their respective values (you can also use j Query’s .serialize() for this purpose).We make an Ajax call to our processing page – where it does the validation in our PHP code previously.It easily gets connected with the database, thus providing complete record and details about the users who are willing to contact and send their queries to website administrators.To make sure that that I don’t get side-tracked by server level issues, I decided to host PHP application on Cloudways managed servers because the platform offers a powerful PHP optimized environment.

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