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our company is a perfect fit for ESG investors…” – American Water Works [ $AWK “[ESG] is a huge benefit for employee attraction and retention.

Our employees really believe strongly that our company can make a difference in the world.

For the stake of simplicity, I’m not adding in delegator rewards to this initial analysis.

But in today’s world, brands can interact with customers in so many different ways, making the paths to purchase a lot more complex.

and fyi, team is fixing hourly provisioning to blockly provisioning, meaning reward will drop every block(of course each amount is much less than former ones) Summary Instructions This model is to help understand the potential economics for Cosmos Delegators and Validators. Fill out the Inputs section below, and add all One time costs and Monthly...

There is a groundswell of professional observations that ESG / Sustainability has truly gone mainstream over the last several years.

Many agencies are still challenged by the client demand for optimisation of reach, flighting, and media procurement etc.

Recently we are observing a clear movement towards planning and evaluation across multiple media simultaneously.

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