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It be the actual DOM or the actual SAX, to the extent that C allows. It's pretty much the only C XML parser/writer that has full (or as near as C allows) DOM and SAX conformance. You have chosen: Lib XML2 Lib XML2 offers a C-style interface (if that really bothers you, go use Xerces), though the interface is at least somewhat object-based and easily wrapped.It also has XInclude support, XML Schema support, and a plethora of other features. It provides a lot of features, like XInclude support (with callbacks so that you can tell it where it gets the file from), an XPath 1.0 recognizer, Relax NG and Schematron support (though the error messages leave a to be desired), and so forth.You have chosen: Lib XML2 Xerces's SAX-style API will work in this capacity, but Lib XML2 is here because it's a bit easier to work with.A SAX-style API is a push-API: it starts parsing a stream and just fires off events that you have to catch.Lib XML2's to go to the next XML node or element; you aren't told. XPath is a system for querying elements within an XML tree.This allows you to store context as you see fit, to handle different entities in a way that's much more readable in code than a bunch of callbacks. The most recent version is 2.2.5, which was released last month (2017-10-31). It's a handy way of effectively naming an element or collection of element by common properties, using a standardized syntax. There are effectively three choices here: care about is API.OK, so you really need the API to be DOM and/or SAX.

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