Validating xml without namespace

Yes, if you want to have the xsd file available publicly, then make it available from your Web server and use that as the schema location in your file.It's a normal Web page URL, like others you must have seen in xml examples: xmlns:xsi=" xmlns:soapenc=" xmlns:xsd=" soap:encoding Style=" xmlns:soap=" You're welcome.The example works, but when I add the target Namespace attribute in the XSD file the validation fails with the message: Cannot find the declaration of element 'birthdate'. rce; public class XMLValidator { private Schema schema = null; private String xsd = "/xsd/My Schema.xsd"; private Validator validator = null; public boolean validate(String xml) throws SAXException // This is working if the xml string contains the following...The line "schema = Schema(new Stream Source(get Class().ged)));" manages to pick up the xsd from the classpath OK.if I remove or rename the xsd it complains that it can't be found, which is what I'd expect :) Do you mean that the directive - xsi:no Namespace Schema Locatsd - isn't finding the xsd?[Download RAW message or body] Well, I recently had quite similar problem: In short I wanted to validate an XML document (an actual XML Schema definition; .xsd) against the schema for XML Schema (weird, I know).

However, the question is a) how to format the xml so that it doesn't require the xsi:schema Location=" Schema file:///c://src/xsd/My Schema.xsd" in the xml string OR b) how do I specify the location in the xsi:schema Location tag so that it points to the xsd that is in the webapp, not in local file system.When you say "/xsd" it means that the URL is relative to the domain from which the XML was retrieved. The xml is generated from our webapp and passed back to the client via Ajax.Commonly the URL is a fully qualified URL with domain, so that the file can be validated from any program with an Internet connection. The client stores the xml and my resubmit the xml via an Http Servlet Request at a later date.Few of them are mentioned below : Microsoft's Visual Studio . Net is primarily handled by the class code present in the following namespaces : Xml Schema Validation An Xml File is generally validated for its conformance to a particular schema.Net provides a number of classes, shipped in as base class libraries of the . The Xml schema file usually is a XML-Data Reduced (XDR) or XML Schema definition language (XSD).

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