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Each programmer has developed his or her own method of validating input data in varying degrees of complexity, but generally, this has resulted in coding the data validation rules into the procedural or object code.

This has meant re-compiling and re-distributing your application each time the validation rules changed.

Once you've created that instance you can call any public method passing the information retrieved.

Now that you have an instance of the class you can call any method contained in that class.

Coding validation rules in DLLs apart from the rest of the system allows you to update the rules without rebuilding the entire application, but you have to stop the application to replace the DLLs.

We'll use XML as the data markup language for building the data validators as well as for passing parameters to the validation routine.An interface is like a class in which every member is abstract; it can only contain property and method declarations without function bodies.An interface may not contain field declarations, initializer declarations, or nested class declarations. A class may extend only one base class, but a class may implement many interfaces.We need a level of abstraction to allow the application to know what methods to call and their associated parameters at run time instead of compile time. NET classes to create instances of objects and invoke methods on those instances dynamically.Now you need to provide a layer of abstraction so that the necessary information is available at run time instead of compile time. Then, use the returned App Domain's Load method to load an assembly into the domain.

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