Victorian england dating etiquette

crossing the legs adjusting your hair winking your eyes laughing immoderately beating time with your feet and hands rubbing your face or hands shrugging up your shoulders placing your hand upon the person with whom you are conversing looking steadily at one Victorian dates were almost always supervised in some way.A woman was never to go anywhere alone with a gentleman without her mother's permission.Books were sold containing verse to copy into customized cards for those not poetically inclined. Never fixes her appearance (hair or make-up) in public. Never holds private conversations in public gatherings. Always looks for ways to better herself; spiritually, physically and intellectually.A Lady Never tolerates or performs rudeness, crudeness, indifference or ignorance from or to another human being. Remembers; to discuss the price of anything is never in good taste. Thinks before she speaks, once said, never forgotten.Should always walk on the outside when walking with one or more ladies.Shall not hold a ladies arm, except when support is needed. When a gentleman is seated in a restaurant and a lady acquaintance enters and bows the gentleman should return the bow while he remains seated, if the lady stops at his table the gentleman shall rise and remain standing till she departs.The diamond ring which symbolizes innocence became popular as the engagement stone during this era.Love letters and cards allowed expression of deep emotion which society dictated was improper to be expressed otherwise.

They revered courtship and love, despite their strict moral code and rules of etiquette.

She would never call upon an unmarried gentleman at his place of residence.

She couldn't receive a man at home if she was alone.

She was expected to stay close to her chaperone until someone asked her to dance and was quickly returned to the chaperone after each dance.

To dance more than three times with the same partner was considered forward and improper.'The delight of the average hostess's heart is the well-bred man, unspoiled by conceit, who can always be depended upon to do his duty.

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