Victrola phonograph dating

the anoyance of having a 7-day a week day job,, WANTED: 16mm films!

Notice how much faster Jack Hylton took this number than the later version featuring Gene Kelly.

Also looking for early tape/wire recorders, video disc players, Betamax etc etc and especially 16mm or 8mm films (any subject!

)Hopefully at some point we will have time to add photos of all this years' acquisitions...

They were all available with a choice of horns, some of which were a simple trumpet that sat on the neck of the reproducer as it tracked across the cylinder, larger ones having a bracket fixed to the back of the case holding a crane to support the weight, and the biggest having an independent support, similar to those used for parrots cages.

The following three Edison Phonographs are thus a small example of the variety that were made.

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