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John Allen of Moger Anger in the p'ish of Blonham in com.

George Anscell.] [Eliza- beth.] [Alexander Anscell.] [Mary.] [Anna Anscell.] THE VISITATION OP BEDFORDSHIRE. Will'm Arderne of T=Elizabeth widow of George Thrale of Luton in Hawnes La com.

of Henry of 1 wiffe.] eldest Sonne [of Biirfford in com.

S' George Fitz Geffrey of Crekers in the p'ish of Barfford in com.

— Gules, three cross-crossleis fitchee or, on a chief of the second a martlet azure. — On a wreath or and gules a plurne of three ostrich-feathers surmounted by a similar plume argent, charged with a martlet azure.

It will be noted that when only the affidavit is forthcoming, a^'.

Amongst them is the name following :] Johannis Mepurshale [ob.

[After this many of the above names are repeated, with occasional varia- tions, which are in this printed list given within parentheses.

In all when the bondsmen's names agree with those of the contracting parties these are given.

The bonds and atfidavits have been compared together in all cases in order that no family details should be omitted.

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