Virgos dating style abledating forum

Bookish Virgos can be introverts, and many of you are reluctant to spill your secrets, which makes it hard for people to get close to you.

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It will give you a lot more tolerance for other people’s “imperfections.”Wise and worldly though you are, there’s a certain childlike innocence about you as well.

For starters, this person has to be clean (Virgos are hygiene freaks), loyal, respectful and intelligent.

No dummies make it past a first date with picky Virgo — not even the hot ones!

And when these two signs get together over a glass of wine?

They can both let loose, and are especially adept at bringing out each other's senses of humor. Virgo doesn't like overstepping boundaries, and too many texts, calls, or social media messages can feel like crowding.

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