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Francisco-based VR tech startup Hello VR is creating an entirely new virtual world that’s expansive like no other: it’s called Meta World, and it is laid out on 10,000 square miles of virtual estate.

https://Tech startup Improbable is developing a unique concept of how virtual worlds should be: by using an operating environment built from the ground up, a large-scale simulated virtual world can be deployed that opens up many useful applications.But did you know that there are “worlds” for virtual reality?These virtual environments, aptly termed “worlds”, speaks something about the future of VR in taking our physical reality into a virtual one.But according to them, their so-called “simulated world” can “solve significant problems in areas as diverse as defense, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance.” over 300 virtual worlds, the Open Simulator platform is an open-source server for virtual environments.It is cross-compatible with Second Life, a virtual environment developed by Linden Lab.

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