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But Rashard conveniently deleted those Tweets right before we were about to post this. And dude is out here throwing hissy fits and talking sh*t about both guys because she gave him the boot. It takes maturity to realize that Love is not enough, and it can't be.

Supposedly he's threatening to damage Milan's career to over this nonsense. I'm side eyeing everybody in this "situation" if any of this is true. When you make a decision to marry someone, love is just ONE of a plethora of attributes necessary for a successful relationship, including honesty, integrity, communication skills, selflessness.

I have never heard Rashard Lewis talk about her because he is married or Kevin Durant because he openly express his love for his girlfriend.

She says Warren Sapp from DWTS is her ex, but who has proof of this nobody, thats all she talks about but I never heard him say that...

If you think she has never been on a college campus..again its your opinion... )but she look pretty in this pic, is on tv, so guys wanna get her number. People talkin bout her looks like she said something about their mama! and i hope if milan is reading this she gives me a shout out for not hating on her LMAOOOOO!!!!! i kno reality shows and if somebody have a boyfriend exspecially if it Warren Sapp they gone show it.

Im so damn tired of the word hater..ridiculous..... I like that she is pretty and DARK SKINNED, finally! Princess Angela of Liechtenstein did not get married to her Prince until she was 39 and now she is in a royal family in Europe. Love is not just for the young, it's for everybody when the God says its time. Just a quick word toodles my bloggies PS if rashard really like her she bets ta get it Its clear that Mariah, Londen, Josh and all of the other people are all Milan.

white men absolutely love Naomi and you can tell shes the one in control and they spoil her beautiful ass rotten.. he named it after Naomi while he used up Heidi and kicked her to the curb and said point blank Heidi’s daughter is not his child and i’m sure he didn’t give Heidi a damn thing and she she was loose and any man in Hollywood could be the father of her daughter that’s why she jumped at the chance of being with seals ugly ass so she could get a husband and a surrogate father for her daughter..i also don’t find Milan attractive,shes not ugly i think shes average in looks because she wears 50 pounds of make-up and she has bad skin you can see it when her make-up is off and if she takes that weave out of her head it wont be pretty you can tell her real hair underneath is in bad shape she has no edges she has a very nasty attitude she thinks the sun rises and sets on her shes very self centered and thinks she doesn’t have to give back to the black community..

When you get into the habit of always being honest with your own intentions and feelings, it's easier to be honest with the people you love.

I’m Egyptian/Ethiopian-Eritrean 3 beautiful blends of Mother Africa and we are very beautiful women..

i think when your ugly on the inside your automatically ugly on the outside .needs to change her attitude that’s why nobody in the house really likes her because her attitude sucks..

I'm dating an NBA player now and he calls me 7 a.m. and that goes for all u stupid asses that captin save and take up for these celebs and reality whores [ jov should have made a 16 about the death of the reality show...lol] 1 this beezy is on BET aka mtvs token expltmnt chnnl... no need for yall to act like big papa K [nowles] on us....

PRETTY...someone he can wake up to because I'm naturally pretty. cuz if it werent for bobby jones and sunday best..and kiki and them i would not watch that shit...] n.e. yes fuck these hoes they could give a rats ass about yall... yall take down her youtube vids too..yall ppl are funny lighten up... i am looking into my crystal ball i see milan[ ho did ur mamma name u that...really...? wait there is more i see her posing in smooth and ...thats it *tap, tap* yep thats it... i kno them hoes gonna be mad @ me *cakles like a witch*..... Please someone else has to think this is hilarious...

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