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Heidi also reps a special brand of baseball t-shirts and clothes that she likes to show off in her tweets (not a bad side-gig).

She does the modeling thing every once in awhile with various brands, and that includes jewelry as well.

Heidi Watney joined Clovis West High School located in Fresno, California, for high school study.

During her high school, she had a keen a interest in sports and music. Besides, she had competed in the 2002 Miss California pageant, where she became the first runner-up.

Heidi Watney was born in San Diego, United States of America on May 19, 1981.

She was born as the only child of her parents; her mother name was Alison Brooks and her father Dean Mitchell Watney.

Heidi’s first job was with the local radio station, KFIg-AM radio in Fresno.

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After high school, Watney applied for a National Merit scholarship program for the University of San Diego, and she achieved it. She has been in a broadcasting career for a long time and had worked for different media companies.As I’ve said before, the ladies on MLB Network are workaholics and get tons of information out there.Heidi herself tweets more baseball information than most baseball analysts are able to even talk about.The sector of journalism is a sector with many ups and downs and with different personalities spreading their magic out of their presence and riddle.That’s why journalism is one of the most efficient and widely circulating in the television industry.

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