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[Remorse]: This happened over 40 years ago and I have lived with this secret for all those years. I found Reddit and hoped that confessing my awful behaviour will help. My brother and I shared a very small room that had trundle beds (one bed was stored beneath the other).

When the bed was popped up they were right next to each other.

I looked over and my sister was sleeping and her leg was not covered up and right at the edge of my bed. Ultimately, I rubbed my erection on her until I came. She didn’t wake up and nothing happened the next day.

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There were times when I was able to live more or less normally and times when those thoughts obsessed my life. I'm sorry but there's a good chance she knew. I don't know if he knows now that I was awake. Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, but this shit is really fucked up and you most likely scarred her in ways you don't understand. I don't want forgiveness (because the only way I can go on is believing that she doesn't know). There seems to be a few comments saying to talk to her about it and that she probably knew. He was more aggressive though and did stuff when I was awake, even raping me once.

I got married, had two daughters and continued to live and try and be normal. My job required that I travel a lot, and away from my wife and kids, and I started watching porn, writing incest stories and masturbating way to much, while fantasizing about teenage girls. There are a few more things I have done sexually that I am not happy with, but this was the big one. Maybe he just thinks I'm a bitch for the way I treat him (I'm twenty-nine now, I was fourteen-sixteen when this was going on), I know my family doesn't understand my hatred toward him. If I were you I would reach out to her in the form of a SIMPLE APOLOGY ACKNOWLEDGING REGRET AND WRONGDOING. I am a fully realized person, I am not a victim- I choose not to identify that way. I cannot even imagine what this would do to my poor parents, however. My sister never exhibited any outward problems like yours. But if she doesn't act any differently to you, and seems perfectly happy and content, I would keep your mouth shut. Interestingly enough it's incredibly common for older brothers to sexually molest younger sisters. It made me feel better to know I wasn't alone in this, but I've always felt dirty and hated my brother for what he did to me and it took a very long time for me to be able to be intimate with men because they disgusted me sexually and reminded me of my brother.

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