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It turns out that spiders can tiptoe through pesticide barriers, getting very little exposure to the chemicals.

Then, they don’t groom themselves to ingest poisons on their legs. Alright, enough about the whys, let’s get into the hows. Just be forewarned: Most of these techniques are going to be temporary, and you may have to reapply as needed.

Just be sure it’s out of the elements and there’s plenty of bugs around to eat and your spider may be content to stay out of the limelight.

Finally, if nothing else you try works, just increase the camera to spider ratio. Compare Security System Features and Costs Looking for a wireless security camera?

Gardeners use spider houses to control where spiders built and still control pests.

So, there’s no reason you couldn’t give your spider an attractive home nearby.

As anyone who has run rodents out of a house knows, moth balls can be very effective deterrents for animals.The house can be any round(ish) structure about 12″ across with a small roof to protect the web from rain.Once you get an alpha spider living on your “house,” he’ll do the work of keeping the other spiders away.Bifen (or Befenthrin) is often used against fire ants and is restricted to low concentrations.It also has the longest residual time in soil of insecticides on the market, so it’s nasty stuff that can hang around a while.

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