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Her younger twin sister, Kali Harvey is of course married and Brandi was a much talked about attendee of the wedding in 2015 when Kali married Benjamin Raymond.Brandi isn’t married and reasonably has no children of hers, whether adopted or biological.Steve increased the number of Brandi Harvey’s step-siblings by 3 when he went on his 3rd marriage to Marjorie Harvey. These were not fathered by Brandi Harvey’s dad though.Steve and Majorie officially got married in 2007 after series of parting ways and coming back together.Perhaps she hasn’t seen the right man yet or doesn’t want to be the female version of her father who has an uncontested ‘honour’ of 2 successful divorces.Read Also: Candy Carson’s Biography, Husband, Career, House, Children, Net Worth We, however, give her credit for one thing, she is not known for messing around with any male friends despite having all the liberty to do so.Not much detailed information can be found about her academic progression in the celebrity buzz niche, but from the information we lifted from her Linked In profile, she included that she went to Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Art in African America and African Studies from 2002-2005.She has been the president of Young, Fit and Fly from 2010 to present, an organization set to empower young women to push beyond social norms and negative peer pressure and take responsibility for their health, self-image and overall wellness.

The usual reason cited was ‘irreconcilable differences’.They pull many fans before making their first public appearance and continue to do so no matter the profession they take to.One of such few persons is Brandi Harvey the famous twin daughter of TV show host and comedian Steve Harvey.Brandi Harvey began her earthly celebrity existence on August 20, 1982, in the celebrity family of Steve Harvey; father and Marcia Harvey; mother.She was born as a twin sister to Kali Harvey who is the younger of the two.

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