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Together, they form the Scooby Gang, and work together to battle various supernatural occurrences which plague Sunnydale High.In the season finale, Buffy battles the vampiric villain known as the Master (Mark Metcalf), and is drowned in the process.She also meets her Slayer replacement, Kendra (Bianca Lawson), who was called when Buffy was killed by the Master.Kendra is later killed by Drusilla, and the next replacement is seen in season 3.In the film, she is a high school cheerleader who learns that she is the Slayer (a Chosen One gifted with the strength and skills to fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness).The television series shows Buffy carrying out her destiny in a small town built atop a portal to hell (Hellmouth), surrounded by a group of friends and family who support her in her mission.

Buffy was portrayed by Kristy Swanson in the film, and later by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the television series.

She is resuscitated by Xander and rises to defeat the vampire lord.

In the show's second season (1997–1998), Buffy continues to come to terms with her destiny, finds forbidden love with benevolent vampire Angel (David Boreanaz), and clashes with new villains Spike (James Marsters) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau).

Giselle Loren has lent her voice to the character in both the Buffy video games and an unproduced animated series, while Kelly Albanese lent her voice to the character in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight motion comics.

Buffy is the protagonist of the story, and the series depicts her life and adventures as she grows up.

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