Who is alex kingston dating

Because he's the man who leaves." Moffat added: "I mentioned in passing to Russell [T Davies, his predecessor] that we were probably done with River.

She said they wanted to concentrate on younger cast members - including Parminder Nagra, the 28-year-old British star of the film Bend It Like Beckham.

yet.” Don’t you just love when actors remember such nerdy details?

Will we ever get an answer as to which Doctor gave River that sonic, then?

Kingston: It’s basically related to the onion or garlic family.

And in a funny sort of way it’s like a bigger, more robust chive.

There must have been some financial feelings behind the decision not to renew my contract."She still has more episodes of ER to film and said she had no idea how she would be written out.

The ER actress will return to the West End in the play Admissions, penned by Joshua Harmon, when it transfers from New York’s Lincoln Centre Theatre.

I understand it needs to keep reinventing itself to keep going and apparently I, according to the producers and the writers, am part of the old fogeys who are no longer interesting."In that respect it's a shame.

Steven Moffat has also been talking about this topic recently: "It's certainly not ruled out,” said the showrunner. ’" If we hear any more on this possibly-impending sex storm, we’ll let you know.

“I have a sort of worry about keeping anybody around in the Doctor's life for too long.

She has won several awards for her supporting roles in numerous television dramas.

Although the story of River Song has had more onscreen endings than most sci-fi romances (it started with an ending, after all), Alex Kingston believes her days of getting sassy with Time Lords may not be finished just yet., which had been given to me by the Doctor, is not the sonic screwdriver that has been seen…

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