Who is anthea turner dating

And I’m very protective of myself as well.“That doesn’t mean that it won’t be fantastic when I meet somebody, but I am complete,” she added.“I know I am complete.“It’s very nice to have somebody else in your life to care about and go places, but I am very grounded and I am not scared.The former Blue Peter presenter split from second husband Grant Bovey in 2012 after he had an affair.Turner, 59, told Best magazine: "Getting divorced from Grant was very, very tough.Mail Online have contacted a representative for Anthea for comment.In May this year, Anthea told how she hasn't given up on love and is looking for a man to share 'great sex' with following the 'tough' divorce.

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How you deal with life.”The blonde beauty admitted the process was therapeutic, saying: “It was a good thing to do.”Speaking about her love life now, after years of recovering from the pain of Grant’s affair, she said: “I personally think it’s very important before you go back into any dating game that you’re strong yourself.“Probably, even though you always think you are, I am a much better person for having been on my own, for having re-organised my life and I think that’s done me a favour,” she said.

The TV favourite revealed her next relationship will have to be something special, saying she has found confidence on her own in the years since her divorce.“I think the next person who comes into my life is going to have to be quite some guy,” she said.“I’ve got nice people in my life and I’m very lucky that I still work, I have a lovely social life, I have nice people in my life and I’m very, very protective of that.

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