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He’s highly decorated in WWII and married to Francesca Romana/Franca Countess Bonacossi.They have two sons (one of whom will become gay), and live in a palazzo at the Via Panama.

Billie - even then - said she would be an actress." Val Guest introduces her to Rank’s still photographer Cornel Lucas, who takes some glamour publicity photographs for The Runaway Bus. comedian Bob Hope gives several British starlets a break in the States. The group is photographed for newspapers at a rehearsal with Douglas Fairbanks and Elsa Martinelli. “Something new under the sun—wearing one of the latest designs in swimwear fashions for next summer’s bathing beauties, Belinda Lee smilingly anticipates the coming season.

Margaret’s, a boarding school at Exeter, Devon, approximately 20 miles from home.

The school has a reputation for "good manners and the development of personality." There she is known as Billie and plays right wing on the hockey team.

Award winning television actress and host Belinda Lee has travelled theworld in the course of her work.

This collection of heart-warming stories introduces readers to these amazingpeople who celebrate the human spirit and restore your faith in the good ofhumanity.

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