Who is brooke hogan dating now

Broke’s net worth could soar even higher as she plans to launch her own women-focused wrestling promotion.

When asked about the venture in an interview with Uproxx in August 2017, she said;“I am!

I’ve got “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s daughter, Kerry Von Erich’s daughter, Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, and a few others.

And we’re doing kind of a First Wives’ Club, if you will, of jumping on this female movement, and doing a real female league with fantastic athletes and a wonderful show.”Catch up with Brooke Hogan on Instagram and Twitter.

Hogan apparently hooked up with fellow singer Colby O’Donis, rapper Stacks and choreographer Jonathan Prater from 2008 to 2009, while working for different songs.

Costa is an American footballer who got engaged to Hogan in July 2013 after few months of dating.During an interview after her engagement’s dismissal, she admits that she don’t want to get married soon and want to focus on her career.It has been so long since her engagement has been called off, so there may be a boy soon to commit her into a relationship.Brooke left TNA a year later after her dad was released from his contract.On Hogan Knows Best, fans saw how Hulk was overprotective of a then-teenage Brooke.

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