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She goes to work in a Chatham at a long term care facility, high on coke and rather sleep with women, or even wide open orgy without using protection! Her and her so called husband are pill popping addicts, right infront of the kids. She moved down from Calgary and was sleeping with4guys within a month.She gave her last boyfriend serveral drd’s and emptied his bank account! She claims she is so broke, and how she wants a divorce, and the next minute she is dumping her kids off on someone and running to the bar and buying more pills. Karma is a b;’tch and I hope it catches up to her Nik, this goofy Nasty looking Pedo, dead beat Dad, Stalker, Woman Beater has done it all. where he hooks up with young woman and beats them up & stalks them. Nik, this is Steve Ringuette, BIGGEST goof ball around! He makes broken promises to all his kids and claims he’s daddy of the year!!!Brings total strangers to bring home to have sex in her sons bed or on the couch – regardless if her kids are home!But be careful she also targets married men to get 0 for the promise of sex, just to steal their money!He was Charged a few yrs ago with Raping Kirsten Mcintee when she was 15yrs old. The only kids he takes care of is the ones in his presents, doesn’t pay child support for the ones that don’t live with him nor does he see them.He was living with me in chatham and decided to put his hands on me, He can’t even see his own daughter or be around any kids, from pinching her when she was 6months old & beating up and putting his hand’s on his childs mother & pushing her down stairs, hitting her in the stomach when she was pregnant everything , he continues to stalk and harrass her, threaten her over the telephone and everything yet police keep releasing someone so twisted like this?!! He is engaged to Laura Carter which is recent, proposed to her at The Dresden durby but yet still married by law to his ex which his ex has been asking for a divorce for years now and he wouldn’t give it.He cheats on Laura all the time with Alyssa Hutshings (little young girl) and Laura stays with him as he promises he will change!His motto is “more kids more money on my disability check”..

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I'm Sure You Want Discretion And That You Don't Have To Worry About And I Would Like To Ask The Same In Return!

His visit with him are normally him picking him up and leaving him with his mother!!!!

His girlfriend Laura is no better and allows him to not pay support just for her own selfish needs for her kids with him.. Their dog pisses and shits all in the house and wrecks every place they live in!!!!

girls don’t trust him at all and he drinks all the time and he tells girls lies just so he can sleep with them and his parents wont let him have a gf lmfao too funny your a big boy to think for yourself …

Nik, this smelly disgusting pig talked me into sleeping with him not knowing he was supposed to be engaged but still lives with his mother who’s house is horrible btw and smells like animal fesies , this poor excuse for a human being is nothing but a loser drugy who gave me drd!! i hope every woman stays away from you, youre disgusting !! Nik this is Sherry Laprise aka Sher Baere aka Sherry Stevens of Chatham Ontario.

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