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But too many men will look at statistics, facts and figures and decide to foreswear off all women.

Every personality comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

But trust me when I say this: As much as a first date seems to matter in the moment, you have to put it all in perspective.

After all, it would be truly impossible to deeply care about anyone you’ve just met, so remember that the stranger in front of you on a date shouldn’t have that much more power over your feelings or mood.

"To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that's a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out." This article interviewed European men who are grim about their future. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs." "[T]he sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organized group of agitators, is distressing," continues Yiannopoulos.

"Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of young people – mostly men – are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project." You can hardly blame men for withdrawing from society, Yiannopoulos concludes.

This kind of feminist-fueled nonsense just feeds into the "rape culture" hysteria plaguing colleges today, in which men are presumed to be rapists merely for possessing the right equipment, and women are presumed to be honest and virtuous whenever they interpret a passing glance from a man as a preliminary attack.

"The feminist power agenda has caused serious problems on college campuses," wrote David Usher in a column entitled "Feminism: Today's women's Ku Klux Klan." "California just enacted 'Yes Means Yes,' a widely criticized law converting college life into a witch hunt for a non-existent campus rape 'crisis.'" While this situation is horrible, unfortunately it reflects a growing trend of an increasing chasm between the sexes.

And if women willing to sleep around, the men take advantage of this for purely sexual reasons, not as a means to a deeper commitment.Say, “I’m not sure if this is your thing, but if you want to eat, we could try this place I like; if you would prefer to do some sort of activity, we could do a movie or walk through a museum.” By taking an active approach in dating, you won’t default to your shy ways as easily.They wait for the other person to initiate conversation topics.Check out the shy behaviors below and see if any of them apply to you. The key to dating is to avoid taking the whole thing too seriously.Because shy men and women tend to be more introverted and more observational thinkers in the first place, not taking things seriously goes against the grain of the shy personality makeup.

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    Men are more competitive and ruthless by their very nature, but this doesn’t mean that women are lagging behind.