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Ask the inspector why he or she suspects you and what information the inspector has that leads to his or her suspicion.You can also ask the inspector which FAR’s you are suspected of violating.Consequently, rather than giving consent, I recommend that you personally remove the requested documents from the aircraft and give them to the inspector.You may need to supply the aircraft’s registration certificate. Finally, in the aftermath of 9/11, you must also have in your possession a drivers license or othergovernment issued ID containing your photograph. You must have your airman certificate and it must be appropriate to the aircraft and type of flying you are doing. It must be the original certificate issued by your Airman Medical Examiner and it must also be current and appropriate to the type of flying you are doing. Personal Documents When you fly an aircraft, you must have certain personal documents in your possession. Some of those items and how you produce them for the FAA inspector are discussed below. Much of it is information all pilots learned, or should have learned, when they learned how to fly.

2 Charts Since a pilot is required to be familiar with all available information for each flight, an inspector may also ask to see the aeronautical charts you intend to use on your flight.Make sure the N−number on the certificate matches the N−number on the aircraft.Also, if you are operating with a temporary certificate, remember that it is only valid for 120 days.From a compliance perspective and, more importantly, from a safety perspective, use current and appropriate charts.Interacting With The Inspector During the course of the ramp check, you can also take the initiative and ask the inspector questions.

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