Xmlvalidatingreader tutorial

Most of the data that I need to parse in the custom xml file is placed into CDA...

Take xmlnodes from a xml document and create a new xml document with them. I have a soap response which I am grabbing nodes from.

Is this correct, or am I missing something obvious?

XML in, XML out Hi All (and a happy holiday to those that will get a break), I am trying to read in an XML file of addresses. Problem loading an xml string containing xml data into XML document Hi all, I have a problem loading an xml string containing xml response data returned by other server(spatial server) into XML document some times becoz the returned xml response contains special chars like , ', etc.

I have been trying to use XML:: Simple and I had a go with XML:: Smart but I haven't been able to get the results I want. I need to present the data in a different structure. Parse the string that you get for the elements that it would contain and inject the CDATA element between them to allow special character. Using many xml documents to create a new xml document Hey guys, I'm a bit stuck on this My situation is the following: I will have folders containing many xml documents, each document being data from a certain magazine article (of a certain issue) and I need to take these many xml documents (each one being an article) and use these documents to create one large xml document that represents the entire magazine issue (data from each article of that issue).

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I can write the information to a document without a problem.

i would like to collect and try to fix all outstanding bugs/issues before making the release.

please let me know if you are currently experiencing any issues with the latest version from ccnetlive ( post build 131.

(I'm a "It works on my machine" club charter member.) I can't remember the exact steps I took the last time I rebuilt my machine (a long time ago), but I would imagine that I installed IIS as part of the OS install and installed . This issue was raised a while back, I just wanted to make sure it would be in the next release. Ken -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Owen Rogers Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 PM To: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: [Ccnet-user] preparing a new release hi all, we are overdue for a new release of ccnet.

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